In the We series all words from Yevgeny Zamyatin's book also titled "We", are blacked out except for the words, you and I. We extract the geometric forms that are created by the blocked out text into large and small format paintings. It is the writer that unintentionally organizes our compositions. A new literary structure is created based on the shape of the text formed by pauses and empty spaces of no writing. In We, we repeat a recurrent action in order to let unintended effects come into play, unrelated to aesthetics, psychology, history, with the intention of realizing whether this immobility might turn into something truly moving.

We, 2012 documentation image, 230 pages painted with house paint

We (detail), 2012, 233 pages  black house paint on vintage book

We page 143 - 144, 96 x 46 cm,  acrylic on rag paper

We page 65-66-67, 38 x 55 cm,  acrylic on cotton paper